Building a Windows Phone Controlled Arduino Robot – Part 2

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In the first part we built the robot and loaded a sample sketch to make sure all our connections and motors are working. In this part we will add another module to connect via Bluetooth and build a Windows app to communicate to the robot. This is what we will accomplish as a bare bones communication app.
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Add Your Windows Phone App to All Devices!

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If you followed my Windows Phone App Studio tutorial then you are well on your way to become an app developer. Windows Phone App Studio makes it easy to create an app for the WindowsPhone. But why not take that great app idea and make it available for more devices my making it a Windows¬†8 application. PC’s and Tablets can enjoy your app as well.¬†Check out this video to see how you can enable your phone app to work across multiple devices.

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Windows App Studio Updated

Windows App Studio
Windows App Studio is an online tool that allows users to create Windows Phone and Windows 8 applications in a drag and drop environment. You can create simple fan type apps that consume resource from blogs or social sites like YouTube or Instagram or you can get a little fancier by using Data Collections. If you are real courageous you can export your project and have the full source code. Be sure to visit my tutorial to get some in depth help on using App Studio.

In the past few days the site and tool has been updated with new features and training options.

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Windows Universal App with Arduino

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I decided to take on a project that involves creating a Windows Universal App that communicates to an Arduino device via Bluetooth. I found a blog post (thanks Channel 9) and used the Arduino Sketch to get going but modified it to include 2-way communication. The sketch accepts input from the Windows device but also sends data based on push buttons.

Here was Beta 1 with the phone

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Updated GitHub Repository