How To Add Users to an Azure Subscription using Role-Based Access Control

Library of Congress

In some cases you may want multiple users to access your Azure subscription, however you may not want to hand out your username and password to your Microsoft Account. Or maybe you don’t want that user to have full access but some role based access. Here is a simple step by step to add a user and choose the proper role for them. Here is a full list of Azure Role-Based Access Control

  1. Login to
  2. Click on subscriptions
  3. Your subscription will load and click on the active subscription
  4. The Subscription Blade will open and click on All Settings
  5. Then Click on Users
  6. Then click on the + sign to Add a User
  7. Choose a Role for a user
  8. You can start typing the user email you would like to assign the role.
  9. If they do not appear you can click on Invite and they will be invited to join.
  10. Click OK.
  11. The next time the user logs into Azure they will be associated with the account.