The December 7th Workshop will focus on the creation of a Windows App using the Windows Store JavaScript Templates.

We will be using BING Maps, Locu Resturant Data and Brewery DB Data as a plotting example. The following API keys will be needed to work with the lab. Please go to the following sites and register for a FREE API Key.

  1. Bing Maps Portal
  2. Locu API
  3. Brewery DB API


In order to successfully complete the workshop the following items will need to be downloaded and installed before attending the workshop.

  1. Mac users only: Boot Campa>, Parallels Desktop, VirtualBox or VMWare Fusion
  2. Windows 8.1
  3. Visual Studio 2013
  4. Bing Maps JavaScript SDK – can be installed via VS Package Manager

Please take a look at the Windows Store App Installation page for details and download links.


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