Nokia 1020 Windows Phone

I have been an iPhone user for some time now. I had a 3GS and a 4S. I liked both of the phones. Good quality. Great app selection. Ease of use. Albiet some quirks but overall a great phone. However, when I start my new job in a few days it makes more sense that I have a Windows Phone. So I did a bit of research on what Windows Phone to get and the answer just kept coming back to the Nokia 1020. Recently launched. Great camera. Windows Phone 8. Why not? So I took the plunge.

My purchase journey is like the “normal” purchase path.

  1. Problem recognition – “I need to get a Windows Phone”
  2. Search – “The Verge, forums, Nokia website etc. all provided me info”
  3. Evaluation – “Do I want to save money and get last years phone or take the plunge and get the latest and greatest”
  4. Purchase decision – “Walk in the store. or Microsoft Store online and get a free case”
  5. Post-Purchase – “Sweet! I got the phone…uh..did I make the right call?”

My Post-Purchase impressions where “wow, this is big”. I am coming from an iPhone 4S which is a great size. Fits in your hand, feels sturdy. This Nokia 1020 is much bigger. The weight of it is a little more but not too bad to notice. My second impression was the back of the phone. Being touted as teh next best camera since cameras were invented, you can tell right away that the camera is the focus of this phone. It protrudes from the back and will not allow the phone to lay flat.

Now, what runs through my mind is this is a major change or maybe buyers remorse. Not only from an operating system but from a physical and emotional stand point. My New England Patriots case won’t fit. My car charger. How will this hook up to my home stereo to play music? Will it fit in my pocket? My wife will kill me when she gets the credit card bill. Then my mind quickly goes to the features of the phone. What about my apps? How can I get the same ones on Windows Phone? My pictures? My contacts?

Well, that went away after about 3 minutes of using the Nokia 1020. The Windows Phone operating system is slick. Great transitions. Home screen that makes sense. Organize app icons super easy. So far so good.

My big question now is my contacts. Ugh. How will they come over. Well, I found this app called “Transfer My Data” (could not have a better name) and it just did that. Transfered my data. Wow. I had more issues transfering contacts from my iPhone 3GS to my iPhone 4S and that was using the same operating system!

My photos I just backed up so that was not a big deal, however there is an app that will send those over as well.

Now, apps. I read the internet and see “Windows Phone does not have any apps, that’s why no one uses it”. I was skeptical at first but I can honestly say you cannot believe everything you read on the internet.

Facebook, Foursquare, FoodSpotting, ESPN, Twitter, Spotify, Pandora, Untappd, Zite, Weather Channel, Netflix and Kindle. Check! They are all there. The one I am missing is Instagram but sounds like it is on its way. The biggest pain in installing these apps is remembering your usernames and passwords, but after that hurdle the fun began. Setting up the home screen icons!

I can honestly say after a day of using this phone I’m sold. This phone does not only have a great camera (which I never even talked about yet) but the Windows Phone operating system works well. App selection is not bad. I would even say pretty close to the AppStore. (How many tip calculators do you really need anyway?)

I have not used the camera enough to really comment on it, but the little I did use, it is awesome.

Overall the phone is great and if anyone is thinking of taking the plunge and switch from an iPhone or Android to Windows Phone, it is easier than you think.

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