Build Your Business With Microsoft BizSpark

Build Your Biz with Bizspark

Microsoft BizSpark is a global program that provides free software, support and visibility to help startups succeed. The three-year program is free of charge and gives startups software, support and visibility.


Current, full-featured Microsoft software development tools, platform technologies, and server products to build software applications. BizSpark startups also get Microsoft Azure benefits enabling startups to quickly build, deploy and manage web applications.



Startups become part of the BizSpark ecosystem and get access to investors, advisors and valuable offers to help run their business, find talent and obtain financing. Startups also get access to technical, product and business training and support.



BizSpark startups have the opportunity to achieve marketing visibility to help promote their business.


What you get! Tools to build apps and more.


BizSpark members get all the tools they need with a Visual Studio Ultimate with MSDN Subscription. This includes a wide range of products for development, testing and production of their solutions in such areas as:

Mobile: Code for Windows Phone with a suite of development and design tools that help create and publish apps.

Web Apps: Develop, debug, test and deploy websites with ease.

Gaming: Tools to develop games for Xbox, Xbox LIVE arcade and more.

Marketplaces: BizSpark members get a 12-month developer account to publish apps in the Windows Store – Design, code and publish a Windows App and start distributing to millions of people – and the Windows Phone Store -Design, development and publish a Windows phone App in nearly 200 markets worldwide.

Microsoft Azure: Use Windows Azure to store data in the cloud, host applications and leverage building block services for media streaming and mobile applications.

Microsoft Azure Store: Startups benefit from the Store in 2 ways, the first being that developers can find app and data services they need to build a software startup. The second is that startups with finished services can gain access to millions of customers just by joining the store.

To learn more about the Azure store and how it can help your startup make sure you click this link.

BizSpark Network Partners: The BizSpark Community has a community of 1500+ organizations that support entrepeneurs around the world.

This includes partners like:
Startup Weekend
founder institute
founder institute











For more partners see

BizSpark has helped:

  • 50,000+ Startups
  • 30,000+ Graduates
  • 100+ Countries
  • 1500+ Partners
  • 100+ Microsoft Innovation Centers

Sounds awesome, so how does a startup qualify?

  1. Developing software. Your business must be developing software, web applications, mobile applications, games, or other computing services in order to qualify.
  2. Privately held and generating less than U.S. $1M in revenue per year. That part might be easy if you are starting a startup but a very important criteria.
  3. Less than 5 years old. BizSpark is ready to help early startups get to the next level.

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