Hackathon Kit

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So you want to Hack?

Listed below are links to various tools, tips and code to help with your hack.

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Microsoft Workshop Presentation

Step 1: Get Your Development Environment Set Up – Basic

Running Windows

Running OSX or Linux

Cloud Services

Step 2: Determine Your Hacking Setup Needs!

Web App Hacking

Windows App Hacking

  • SDK comes with Visual Studio Community 2015

Windows Phone Hacking

  • SDK comes with Visual Studio Community 2015 – make sure you select it when installing

Cross Platform Hacking for Mobile Devices

Mobile Device Hacking

Kinect Hacking

IoT/Maker Hacking

MS Health Band Hacking

Step 3: Get Help For Your Hack!

Cross Platform Help

Kinect Help

Windows Phone Help

Windows Help

Azure Cloud Help

IoT Help

MS Band Help

Step 4: Add To Your Hack!

Microsoft API Sites/Reference

Other API Sites

Step 5: Lingering Questions?


Setup for Development

Have you heard of Dreamspark?

  • You might have access to some of the full versions of MS tools already.

Want to be a Microsoft Student Partner?




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