Build an App and Your Biz!

It is easy when you are a large company to employ a technology department or hire an outside consulting firm to build you a mobile app. It is more difficult if you are a startup or small business. At times, the startups and small businesses do not have the luxury to outsource a build for an app. Even more, they might not have the time to do it. So how does a startup or small business build an app with no time, no money and little effort?

Welcome to Windows Phone App Studio!

With little effort and minimal set of tools needed your business can have a Windows app in no time. Lets start with an example to show how Windows Phone App Studio can make this happen.

You own a small restaurant. Business is good, however, you have heard from some of your customers that your menu on the web is out of date and does not render well on a mobile device. You also heard from your best customers that they would love to know when you are having entertainment or if you changed your daily specials. Luckily, a few years ago you built a nice website using WordPress and using some photos you took that can help solve some of these complaints.

Follow part 1 of my Windows Phone App Studio tutorial to see how your existing website can power your new Windows App. Learn about using your RSS feeds on WordPress to keep your mobile app dynamic while still having your website up to date. App Studio also give you the ability to create data storage (Data Collections) where you can host your menus and the images of the meals.

Jump to Part 5 when you are done to publish the app into the Windows Store or move on to Part 2 and learn about extending the RSS reader. This will allow images and full text to display when you are using a WordPress blog to consume data.

Part 3, XAML Styling, goes over the tweaks and custom design you may want within your app. From changing colors to layouts, Windows Phone App Studio provides you the source code to make this all happen.

By now you realize that creating and publishing an app is easier with Windows Phone App Studio and you are ready to really extend you app. Azure Mobile Services in Part 4, is just that. Extending your data storage to the Azure cloud can provide limitless opportunities.

And why stop there, once the Windows Phone app is ready you can port it over to Windows 8.1 with ease in Part 6 of the tutorial.

Microsoft Windows Phone App Studio gives you the tools and features to build your business by building your app!