Azure Enable your Windows Phone App Studio Project

Windows Phone App Studio
is a great online tool to get a Windows Phone app or Windows Store app built in no time. With social connections, RSS feeds and data collections it is robust enough to build the app of your choice. With simple drag and drop interface along with a few configurations and app can be created and published to the store in no time.

The other benefit to Windows Phone App Studio is the ability to download the source code and extend your app. Adding new styles, XAML controls or extending your app to consume Azure Mobile Services can all be done by opening the solution in Visual Studio.

Adding Azure Mobile Services to your app is the next logical progression when extending your application, especially if you are currently leveraging the Data Collection service the online tool provides. Adding more records to the database, integrating with an existing database or just using it for the first time, adding Azure to Windows Phone App Studio projects is straightforward.

Jump into the tutorial and add Azure to your app.