Is Your Windows Device Ready for the Super Bowl?

This years Super Bowl (or should I call it the “Big Game”) has a few interesting plot lines. Will Peyton Manning quiet the critics by winning the game with the most explosive offense we have seen since the Brady Bunch back in the 2007 season?

peyton manning


Will Richard Sherman live up to the “best cornerback in the game” quotes (or you should I say rant)?


Will New York and New Jersey be able to host a cold weather game?

Will there be any commercials worth talking about on Monday?

Once we get past the plot lines we can focus on the real things that matter…the food and beer at the party.

While you bring chips, wings, ribs, beer, drinks, I will be bringing the apps to my Super Bowl party. Not apps as in appetizers but apps in Windows apps for tablets and phones.

Here is my list.

Windows Phone Apps that are Super Bowl worthy.

  1. Nokia Camera – You need to have the Lumia Amber update but is a great app to maximize your devices hardware. Great for the pre-game pics as well as some embarassing moments.
  2. 6tag – After I take those pics I can use 6tag to show them off on my Instagram feed. #Hashtag away!
  3. Untappd – While you are sitting there and drinking some craft brew, “check-in” and follow your brewery with this great app.
  4. Touchdown Run – During the halftime special or some local commercials, check out this game. Simple yet addicting.
  5. Waterville Resort – Since my beloved Patriots are not in this years game and I dont have a team to root for I will be investigating some great ski resorts to spend my Sundays at.

Windows 8 Apps that will get everyone talking.

  1. Sports Memory Match – This is a fun game to keep the excitement going of the BIG GAME. Take a break and play this one for a bit.
  2. WTD in Seattle – If all this Richard Sherman talk got you motivated to take a trip to the left coast and check out Seattle, what better app to download and see whats happening out there.
  3. Are We There Yet – Since this will be the last weekend most of us will be glued to a TV set watching Football, our family gets us back. What a perfect time to start thinking about trips and travel.
  4. Take Me Out to the Ballgame – And speaking of travel and no more Football, we can start looking towards Baseball. This app helps you get there with ease.
  5. Cholesterol! How Much – Since we just chowed down a ton of food and beer for the past Football season, we can now start getting back in shape. First lets see how healthy we are with this app.

Good luck!