How to view, add, edit and remove files in Azure Web App using the Kudu service Dashboard

Sometimes the little things to perform can seem like an obstacle. Take editing files on a Platform as a Service.

Sure you can use Git or your favorite FTP client to get files off of Azure and edit them. But what if your company, school, computer etc. restricts access to performing this?

My fellow colleague James Sturtevant wrote a great blog post on how to overcome this obstacle.

Some call it magic…others call it Kudu!


Remove The Spending Limit in Azure to use the Azure Marketplace

The Azure Marketplace is your online store for software applications, developer services and data, all pre-configured for Microsoft Azure. In order to access some of these services a credit card is required to be configured within the Azure portal.

BizSpark members have a luxury of free Azure credits but at times their compute charges may exceed the limits of what their plan is. A credit card is required as well.

Here is a quick video of how to add a payment method to your subscription.

PHOTO CREDIT: George Eastman House Collection