Microsoft Working with Startups

For the past few months, I have been working with a company called VRPhysio. They are a data driven health company but specifically focusing on rehabilitation health using a virtual reality device. They are part of the Microsoft for Startups program called BizSpark and are able to take advantage of software and services along with other cool collaboration opportunities like the one that presented itself a few weeks ago. Read more “Microsoft Working with Startups”

Cognitive Services Computer Vision API powers Teamstream video search

Teamstream and its clients have a problem understanding the content inside their video libraries—a problem not just for them, but for everyone who uses traditional methods of archiving and retrieving videos. A video is typically created by a team, indifferently tagged, and saved out to a file in some repository—a file server or a cloud-based shared service like YouTube. In both cases, the videos are stored in a folder structure which is organized by client and by project. This type of methodology is extremely limiting when searching for particular videos. What is the job number? Which client was that? Did we do similar videos? Is this the right version? The difficulty multiplies when you want to search for specific content within videos. If a video is not tagged or named correctly—which is often the case—it can be impossible to find what you’re looking for. Teamstream Productions was looking for a “fix” that offered deep searching capabilities within a set of videos, a fix that would be accessible through multiple channels so that if the team is on the go or giving a presentation, they can access this search through mobile or web. Read more “Cognitive Services Computer Vision API powers Teamstream video search”

Hackfest leads to improving customer service for AON using the Bot Framework

Aon is the leading global provider of risk management, insurance and reinsurance brokerage, and human resources solutions and outsourcing services. To effectively manage inquiries from Aon’s customers regarding common frequently asked questions, a bot was designed to facilitate this need. Using Microsoft Azure Web App Services to host the bot application and the Microsoft Bot Framework to provide the communication channel between the client and Aon back end API’s, a solution was created to solve this problem during a visit to the Microsoft Chicago office by members of the Aon Development team and the Microsoft Developer Experience team. Read more “Hackfest leads to improving customer service for AON using the Bot Framework”

Microsoft Azure Web App Services Powering ChargeHub

Mogile Technologies and Microsoft moved ChargeHub from to Azure Cloud and Web App Services to provide world class support to EV drivers and their OEM clients.

“We needed a cross-platform solution that would easily integrate with a scalable database system. We found that Azure Web App Services fit that perfectly. It connected easily with Azure SQL, which could also connect with many standard tools. Using the Azure Easy APIs, we were able to connect our iOS, Android and Web platforms to the database.” – Olivier Proulx, CTO Mogile Technologies Read more “Microsoft Azure Web App Services Powering ChargeHub”

Real-Time Communication to Xamarin App via SignalR and Azure API App Services

There are times where your website or mobile app would like to show live data, such as scores in real-time. And I don’t mean hitting an api on a timer but to populate with a new set of data auto-magically. This repo consists of an API and a few demo projects that make that happen. Using .NET Web API and Signal R. Read more “Real-Time Communication to Xamarin App via SignalR and Azure API App Services”

PLUG Cambridge: Pitch Off

Most recently I had the opportunity to meet the staff at a local co-working spot in Cambridge called PLUG. I know what you are thinking, another co-working spot. True, but this one is a bit different. PLUG has a great story. It started many years ago in Sao Paulo Brazil to help connect local startups and entrepreneurs with resources they need. The overarching purpose was to help fuel business ideas. Fast forward a few years and they are in 5 different locations in Brazil. They just opened the Cambridge location early this year and have a great group of resources and startups already. Read more “PLUG Cambridge: Pitch Off”

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How To Add Users to an Azure Subscription using Role-Based Access Control

In some cases you may want multiple users to access your Azure subscription, however you may not want to hand out your username and password to your Microsoft Account. Or maybe you don’t want that user to have full access but some role based access. Here is a simple step by step to add a user and choose the proper role for them. Here is a full list of Azure Role-Based Access Control Read more “How To Add Users to an Azure Subscription using Role-Based Access Control”